Warrior Trading Review

Warrior Trading is a live trading chat room run by Ross Cameron and three moderators, Mike, Corey, and Swing Trader Jeff. They also offer a series of Day Trading Courses.  The team has come together to create one of the best day trading chat rooms I’ve found on the web.  I have been trading since 2012 and have been a member of many other large day trading chat rooms.  What sets Warrior Trading apart is the dedication to teaching members the details of trading.

Not Your typical “Alert Service”

Most rooms are built on the premise of “trade alert” services.  This is a great marketing strategy but these rooms always have a lot of turnover.  The reason is because new traders come in looking to follow the trade alerts and then leave in short time after losing money.  These traders are always buying higher than the chat room leader and they are always selling lower.  That results in a death spiral of smaller winners and bigger losers.  In contrast, the Warrior Trading group provides trade alerts but accompanies each alert with a detailed analysis of the catalyst, the setup, and the profit/loss targets.  This type of trade by trade analysis is why I am a member.

Learn to Day Trade with Warrior Trading

When I joined Warrior Trading I was a moderately successful trader but I had a problem with overtrading.  I was good at scalping alerts off high of day scanners and catching quick wins but I had a problem with giving back profits.  I often traded 20-30 stocks a day and many days I would be exhausted and find myself giving back profits in the afternoon.  Ross taught me to focus on just the one or two big stocks each day.  He quoted the famous trader of the early 1900’s, Jesse Livermore, who said “It is much easier to watch a few than many”.  This really struck me as an important concept.  Each day I know look for just the biggest runners (usually 5-10 trades/day) and trade aggressively in the morning and then shut down my computer at lunch time.  This discipline was really hard for me but it’s made me so much more profitable, and as a result, more confident.  I no longer feel stressed about missing action in the afternoons, I just feel fortunate to consistently lock in profits 4 out of 5 days a week.

The Education is the Most Valuable

The most valuable aspect of the day trading chat room for me is the constant reinforcement of the basic principles of trading including Risk Management, Stock Selection, and Finding the BEST Patterns.  Having this repeated keeps me focused on what I’m supposed to be doing each day.  Ross has an amazing talent at finding the right stocks each morning and taking trades on the first and second flags.  He rarely over trades.  I really admire that about him.  He discusses each trade in depth from a technical and fundamental perspective.  I would say more than 90% of his trades come directly off the pre-market watch list.  He lays out all the levels in play and then masterfully executes his trades according to the pre-market plan.  Watching him do this day after day has taught me to try to replicate that process.  Instead of replicating his trades, I want to mimic his process of finding the big movers and attacking them with aggressive positions and taking the money out of the market.

Surround Yourself with Winners

When I joined the Warrior Trading community I already had a basic level of understanding of trading.  Now that I’ve traded with the group for a few months the knowledge of the other pro traders in the room has really rubbed off on me.  I remember something a friend said to me when I was younger, if you surround yourself with the type of people you want to be you will become more like them.  I’ve surrounded myself with a team of winning traders and I have become one of them!  I couldn’t be more delighted.

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