The Frenzy Of The App Business

It’s 2013.  It’s most likely that the phone you own can receive emails, update your Facebook status and help you navigate yourself through the eastern provinces of Kazakhstan through the slide of a screen and the touch of a button.

The birth of the smartphone has led to an exciting new development of software application bringing life to users mobile phone experience.

The leader in the App market is technology giant Apple who over recent years have had the largest stake in the smartphone market, with huge consumer demand for their sleek, generally reliable, glossy pieces of kit.  Nevertheless, Google, Windows and Blackberry are stiff competition for Apple and are constantly knocking on the door in an attempt to gain a greater foothold in the software application market.

In fact, with Apple’s App store close to a staggering 25 billion downloads it comes as no surprise that they sold more IPhones and Ipads in 2011 than all the Macs sold in 28 years.  Recent figures have suggested that by 2016 the number of mobile devices on the planet will outnumber the number of humans, which although may seem slightly nauseating, is testament to the ever improving smartphone market.

Apps include YouTube, Google Chrome, Skype, ATM locators and even guidelines to Kama Sutra, outlining the breadth and diversity within the app world.  Apps can even be used to gain funding for businesses with the use of apps for short-term loans becoming increasingly popular.  In fact, many businesses have received business loans provided by . Subject to a decent Internet connection, a successful application could be granted with minutes, demonstrating the efficiency and ease of use now accustomed to software application.

Interestingly, app developers understand that they need to respond to the demands of consumers.  Recent years have seen a boom in the use of apps downloaded and used for business reasons.  Apps are being to contribute to the success of businesses and are often used to solve business problems.

The development of apps has become a profitable business too.  Over 12 million copies of ‘Angry Birds’, a video game franchise developed by Finnish game developer Rovio Entertainment have been purchased from the App Store.  After a series of spin-offs and references within popular television programs the Angry Birds creators are now worth £5.5 billion.  Many other have made their fortunes within the app world, with 17 year-old Londoner Nick D’Aloislo recently selling his news summary app ‘Summly’ to giants Yahoo! for a reported £20 million.  It is now considered one of the most profitable markets in the world, with many entrepreneurs braving the world of software application in search of riches.

As technology continues to develop and the world of software application seeks new founds feats we can only sit and wait in anticipation and expectation.  However, one thing is for sure, the frenzied of app downloads doesn’t appear to be leaving us any time soon.

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  • Im a weight lengthy journey (4 several hours) in like 3 hrs and that i take some really AWESOME, Awesome, FUN!. Lengthy Lasting applications (FREE) which will keep my occupied lol

    please list as much as you are able to

    Thanks ahead of time best solution needs to function as the longest lol

  • Hello. You will find several various kinds of software programs that i’m now thinking about buying (Spy ware, Registry Repair, Voice Control/Operating, Dictation/Voice to Text, AI System Optimisation). The only issue is the fact that you will find 1000’s of software applications available and I’m not sure what to do to be able to get rankings comments/reviews on various software. What is the site I’m able to visit and discover top pic for various programs?

  • I am considering outsourcing a business to construct a computer program in my company. Searching through company’s investment portfolios, I discovered the issue- what must i be searching for inside a good software design? Do you know the benchmarks featuring, whether aesthetic or functional, which i ought to be trying to find within their previous work?

  • im making a computer program using java programming language being an assignment in my college….. i have been hunting for a source online to locate a subject that might help but nothing made an appearance …

    and so i require a source to understand through it steps to make a database and link it towards the application ….

    for just about any more information you might request … !!

  • ok,and so i often hear or software program engineers and software systems engineers, exist another different styles? and what is the main difference between these? because i wish to be an engineer when im older but i wish to know precisely what i wish to be.

  • HI

    We lately found a Motorola MC75 barcode scanner kept in storage.

    My real question is what software program do we have to scan barcode symbols interior and exterior the warehouse?


  • Is the fact that possible? Please enlighten me relating to this, I plan to use my debit card to buy software, application or services online that have been in various currency from the debit card.

  • I really like the overall game application “seafood magnate” in my apple iphone…are there more games enjoy it..exactly where u manage money along with a business?

  • I am sad that Home windows XP goes bankrupt early in the year. I have checked out 7 Home windows, however it just appears too fancy in my experience. I wish to remain on with Home windows XP, but I am told all the crooks on the web can get me early in the year. Is other people choosing Home windows XP early in the year? How would you keep your crooks off your pc?

  • What is your opinion is the greatest 2D imaging software program?

    Illustrator Fresh paint Shop Professional ect…

  • I wish to produce a software that a person uses for his or her needs, as free software, and I am considering doing something: Create a software each month that individuals request for. People just publish, and whatever appears is the best (I suppose) I’ll make right into a software application. Whomever I select because the best solution can get there application, but case an evaluation run. I wish to see what individuals want to see in a computer program.

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