Sri Lankan Insurance Industry Analysis

RNCOS has lately added a brand new Researching The Market Report entitled, Sri Lankan Insurance Industry Analysis to the report gallery. Sri Lanka insurance market is seeing a powerful growth inclination in the last couple of years on the rear of growing insurance awareness, increase in per capita earnings and economic growth. Furthermore, the is anticipated to the touch the top of success in future years with continuously growing life insurance coverage transmission, emergence of online insurance services and rising foreign investment in the market.

Based on our research report, Sri Lankan Insurance Industry Analysis, the insurance coverage Industry in Sri Lanka is centered by general insurance segment that observed 23% development in its gross written premium this year, in comparison to the year before. The is anticipated to develop in a significant rate in in the future with gross written premium (GWP) growing in a CAGR close to 21% throughout 2012-2015. Our report entails detailed analysis of industry segments including long-term and general insurance together with their forecast.

According to our findings, car insurance policy leads the overall insurance industry in Sri Lanka accounting in excess of 1 / 2 of the overall insurance market. An in-depth analysis of general insurance segments including fire, marine, motor, etc together with their forecast continues to be covered within the report. Market performance of public versus private insurance providers can also be covered within our analysis. Besides this, our research provides study regarding reinsurance market combined using its segment-smart growth.

Use a better insight of market, the report also studies the present distribution funnel of insurance industry in the united states including Broker, Agents & Bancassurance. Additionally, it describes the possibility growth regions of insurance industry, for example rising possibilities within the area of Takaful & Medical health insurance etc.

Our report, Sri Lankan Insurance Industry Analysis, covers all of the key aspects that illustrate an entire picture from the insurance industry. It possesses a complete insight of countrys insurance industry including present regulating atmosphere and challenges for insurance industry.

Last although not minimal, an overview of key gamers can also be engrossed in their business description and talents and weak points to supply a look in to the current industry trends.

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