Selecting a Brokerage for Forex Trading

Selecting the right brokerage to open a forex account is a necessary step towards ensuring the success of your forex trading venture. A broker can make your trading life easy or miserable. It can charge unfair rates, implement unfair policies, or conversely put your best interest upfront so you are always assured of a fair transaction. Thus, there is no denying the importance of picking a great brokerage firm to help you with your forex trades.

If you are looking for tips on how to do this, here is a short list that should clarify the most important considerations for selecting the right brokerage firm for your needs.

  • Experience is highly valued in the forex industry. Don’t fall for a recent start-up with gaudy promotions designed to entice inexperienced investors. You want to bank with a broker who has seen it all and can advise you properly when making forex transactions.
  • Make sure your shortlisted brokerage is properly regulated by the right agency. In the United States, the National Futures Association (NFA) and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) are the most important agencies to remember. In the United Kingdom, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) oversees all forex brokerage firms. Australia, Switzerland, Germany and France among other nations, also have established agencies monitoring and regulating the policies of forex brokerage firms.
  • Check to see if the broker has a wider business reach and a more established client base. You will know this by checking the different types of products that a broker offers. More products like securities and commodities mean that there are more clients relying on that broker for their investment transactions.
  • Read reviews. Authentic reviews are sentiments of actual clients. They can be good or bad and are great ways to measure how satisfied clients are over a broker’s performance. Be cautious however as many firms pay for writers to write positive reviews for them.
  • Check the website. A great broker knows the value of its website and will invest heavily in making sure the website is up-to-date, the links are all functioning, and the layout is professional-looking, properly designed, and easy on the eyes. Poorly designed websites are a reflection on the broker’s inability to provide good service.
  • Check fees. The lower the fees, the more money you have for investment.

Make sure tick off these considerations one by one before you choose to sign up with any forex broker.

6 Responses to “Selecting a Brokerage for Forex Trading on “Selecting a Brokerage for Forex Trading”

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  • I understand you will find a few licenses that traders generally have. What exactly are they?

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    As this is the type of fund I’m able to move rates, dollar amounts, do suggest you I look for stocks/funds which are European, Asian, or stocks in natural assets i.e. research?

    I understand this really is little information and i’m not likely to do anything whatsoever impulsively, however i thank you for professional suggestions?

    Could I listen to professionals please, with increased understanding than me and also the first poster, although I thank you for insight.

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  • hi all

    i’m a new trader

    i have been buying and selling with demo account already couple of several weeks using mt4

    are you able to mention please couple of reliable Buying and selling Platforms.

    how you can make certain this clients are “safe” and will not steal my money before i deposit real cash ?

    do you know the a few things i should search for when selecting a platform ?

    i understand these platforms :

    Saxo bank


    Easy Foreign exchange



    anybody already has any experience about any of these companies and also share it i’m going to be glad to listen to 🙂

    thanks all

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