Life Insurance Coverage – Regular Versus Accident Insurance

It may get pretty confusing when you are selecting a life insurance coverage policy. You will find a lot of options and extra supplies and when you do not understand which to select, it may be really perplexing to choose an insurance policy. Probably the most common questions that individuals develop is just related to the variations between regular and accident life insurance coverage, particularly simply because they appear to become exactly the same initially. However, you will find some variations that you must know about prior to choosing a life insurance coverage policy.

Regular Life Insurance Coverage

What is included in regular life insurance coverage varies by policy, so you will need to really look at this when you’re speaking towards the insurance provider. You will find two primary kinds of guidelines here, permanent and term. Term insurance is only going to cover you for any specific period of time, often a year to 5 years, then time you will have to renew your insurance. Permanent provides you with existence-lengthy coverage.

Both types usually cover both dying plus some medical costs if you’re hurt or ill. Again, you need to browse the small print about this. You will have to choose anyone to get the payout in the event you die while your life insurance coverage is active. Regular life insurance coverage covers several different ways you could pass, including sickness. However, you will see certain options which are eliminated. For instance, most life insurance coverage companies won’t shell out if your dying was ruled a suicide. Most regular guidelines will exclude certain accidental deaths, too, and that’s why you’ll most likely wish to consider adding an accidental life insurance coverage policy for your regular one.

Accidental Life Insurance Coverage

Lots of accidents take place in our way of life and occasionally they will set you back lots of money. Accident insurance usually covers such things as medical costs, hospital stays and can pay you for lost braches, eyesight, etc. with respect to the policy. Also, should you die because of any sort of accident, this kind of policy will give your beneficiary a payout. Not every regular insurance performs this for accidents.

In instances where any sort of accident results in dying later on, like a vehicle accident in which the victim is within a coma for many days or several weeks before dying, the insurance policy have a specific time period limit. Many provide you with 3 several weeks, therefore if the victim dies four several weeks following the accident, because of related injuries, no payout will be presented.

Why Choose Accident Insurance

For most of us, adding accident insurance for their regular policy is just smart. This means you’re covered regardless of what happens and also, since a lot of deaths and major injuries are triggered accidentally and never always disease, it seems sensible to insure yourself. Getting that back-up could be invaluable should something happen and also you lose your sight because of any sort of accident, something which regular life insurance coverage wouldn’t touch, but accident insurance would provide a payout for.

Insurance coverage is a large deal. You would like to be certain you receive the best coverage which you are not likely to regret not choosing for that extra supplies afterwards. Seek information, browse the contracts completely prior to signing and speak with the insurance coverage broker regarding your options. Make certain you realize everything that’s covered and what’s not from your specific policy. Sometimes you are able to personalize your policy to produce the perfect insurance to suit your needs, so speak to your agent relating to this possibility. Life insurance coverage is essential and must be given serious attention.

66 Responses to “Life Insurance Coverage – Regular Versus Accident Insurance on “Life Insurance Coverage – Regular Versus Accident Insurance”

  • after any sort of accident, my insurance comp. billed me 3 points and elevated me 460 dollars. it had been my first accident.

  • I required the and accident insurance exam two times…the number of occasions did u go before passing?

  • I’m appling for income- the qualifications are 3. GPA, fundamental computer abilities, writing abilities, good communication abilities, the needs are Resume, letter of great interest, interview, references, medical/accident Insurance. I don’t possess a 3. GPA are qualifications diverse from requiremnts and may I still have the ability to obtain the job.

  • Following the accident, his insurance provider pays his claim minus the deductible, and that he signs a subrogation release, giving up towards the insurance provider his privileges to pursue the responsible tortfeasor towards the extent he had been compensated by his insurance provider. Just how can he have standing to enforce privileges from the defendant that they has surrendered to his insurance provider?

    It was motivated by a chapter of “Judge Joe Brown” where the judge told an offender it did not matter the complaintant was re-imbursed by his insurance, and may still come following the defendant for the entire factor.

  • We’ve Condition Farm insurance and intend to rent from Avis. Will we have to add-around the collision damage waiver, personal accident insurance, and thievery protection or will our current Condition Farm coverage be sufficient?

    (FYI, we have already approached our Condition Farm agent relating to this and also have a solution from him, but I wish to obtain the opinions and encounters from the community.)

  • I’m studying for that California Insurance sales license test, online. Existence agent combo for existence/accident insurance. Has anybody taken the on-site test? Are you aware what score I will have to pass, and just how may be the test? Did you have to study greatly to have the ability to pass? It’s multiple choice but A lot of questions appear similar, it it challenging to ensure that they’re all straight….I would like to hear anyone’s knowledge about this test. Thanks!

  • I have to be aware of minimum time that the health insurance plan can be purchased for. I wish to purchase it for that least time since I don’t know basically would want it with my existence and accident insurance coverage.

  • I understand how to slove the issue, only issue is vehicle insurance and accident insurance dont such as the answer. First since everybody might have medical health insurance nobody would need to bother about for your type of insurance because for those who have a wreck inside a vehicle, everyones cover under this medical health insurance. Dont have to pay for uninsure motorists everything money visit the medical health insurance. Same for accident, wont require it either. The federal government did exactly the same factor when everybody was concerned about banks going bankrupt throughout the truly amazing Depression. We now have FDIC. The thing is simple to use.

  • I believe we are thinking about eliminating our 2.5k annually policy because they do not purchase anything we all do anyways…I see holistic professionals and won’t take Rx so really we want “bone breaking/stitches/vehicle accident” insurance…

    Notebook computer?

  • Let say with any vehicle accident, insurance send insurer to cost out fix at bodyshop.

    Let say when bodyshop is within middle of project, they found new problem which cause are more expensive, as well as found certain parts was offered at duration of esimated but no more available if this time for you to start the job.

    So that they alter the plan? Like mail a person instructions and say “sorry we change our mind and today it’s writing off here is look for worth of your automobileInch.

    One issue is how about bodyshop? They previously did midway the job before it cancel. Will bodyshop lose the cash?

  • I have to buy any sort of accident insurance policy in my grandmother. She’s 62 years of age. I don’t know if you will find any plans that will cover her at this age. Please tell me knowing associated with a such guidelines. She’d an agenda lengthy back and has not been within an accident (in the event that matters).

  • I am searching for an individual accident insurance plan varying between $20-$50. I am a healthy youthful guy from Michigan, 26, who doesn’t need medications, compensated physician visits, etc I don’t need maintenance assistance. Among the finest something to assist pay should i be hurt and must have stitches or have to remain in a healthcare facility. So far as I will tell, the title of these an insurance policy is “accident insurance.”

    1. Shall We Be Held trying to find the right factor?

    2. What companies provide such plans?

    3. Are you able to recommend any sort of plans?


  • Our state governments, which regulate intrastate commerce, compel vehicle owners to purchase accident insurance from private companies. The mandate is justified by the fact that if you own a vehicle, there is a significant chance that your vehicle will be involved in an accident and that you will incur a monetary loss. The mandate forces all vehicle owners to contribute to a risk pool. Without the mandate, honest vehicle owners would pay for the deadbeats who declare bankruptcy. The only way out of the mandate is to stop owning a vehicle.

    Our federal government, which regulates interstate commerce, must compel body owners to purchase health insurance from private companies. The mandate is justified by the fact that if you own a body, there is a 100% chance that it will be involved in an accident or an incident (infection, cardiac arrest, tumor, etc.) and that you will incur a monetary loss. The mandate forces all body owners to contribute to a risk pool. The alternative to the mandate is that honest body owners would pay for the deadbeats who declare bankruptcy. The only way out of the mandate is to stop owning a body.
    The government does not compel you to have a body. But if you have one, you will incur a medical loss. Ergo, put something in the kitty. Don’t be a deadbeat. Be a good citizen.
    The government does not force you to engage in Life. But if you insist on living, you will incur a medical bill. That’s commerce. Pay for it, deadbeat!
    Solution: We need facts and logic, not paranoid rants.
    ahandle: If all the World and Love were young / and Truth on every Shepherd’s tongue…
    How do we regulate the deadbeats who sponge on your dime? Answer the tough questions, dammit!

  • My cousin was driving another person’s vehicle coupled with any sort of accident. The insurance provider states that they’ll not cover the damages because she was this is not on the insurance coverage. It had been her fault and she or he must spend the money for damages. If she does not outlay cash what goes on to her and/or who owns the vehicle?

  • I’m the custodian from the policy document of the group-rural-accident- insurance-cover policy, backed with a government organization. The business compensated the entire premium amount for 1000’s of villagers. A policy, tailor-designed for the business, was discussed directly through the authorities from the organization, using the insurance provider managers. The insurance provider too is possessed by government. The implicit understanding was there have been no agents or commissions. However whispers endured that there have been indeed agents and commission too was taken care of a policy. After I scrutinised a policy document lately, I too found some clauses, suspicious. For instance, you will find records for Development Officer and Agent Codes. The client type is offered as ‘non-corporates’. How do i make sure that there is no agents with no commissions were compensated? Can a specialist discover the truth out of the policy document itself?

  • How you can calculate indirect pay like Provident Fund, Gratuity, Super Annuation, Health Care Insurance and Accident Insurance. It is possible to percentage i’m able to depend on with this?

    I’m getting involved in a contest which requires me to produce an HR arrange for a movie production company. I have to understand how the salaries in my employees will be calculated using its components. I’m not an HR student.

  • I simply required and effectively passed the Existence, Health insurance and Accident life insurance coverage exams. I must wait 24-48 several hours in my scores to become submitted before I’m able to submit my application in my license. I’m wondering how lengthy it requires to obtain approved for that license? And just how lengthy til I receive my license within the mail?? Thanks

  • If a golf club iron provides accident insurance because of its people have they got the authority to won’t provide particulars towards the people or could they be obliged to supply full particulars to every member?

  • I left my last ipod device within my pocket and cleaned it. I have to make certain the following ipod device I recieve, I’m covered just in case I am a moron again. Anybody are conscious of a location I’m able to have an ipod device that accompany accident insurance?

  • What’s going to happen after i have reported any sort of accident to my insurance provider? Can they get it sorted out using the insurance provider from the other party active in the accident? Or am i going to be anticipated to deal with any longer paperwork?

    Just had my first accident, very stressed, help!

  • This individual includes a spotless driving history of 30+ years. No tickets, no accidents. The insurance coverage is by using a common national company.

  • I lately got inside a vehicle accident and my insurance provider didn’t cover the extent from the accident. The insurance provider is asking and requesting an crazy amount. I s there a means I’m able to negotiate a lesser cost as well as repayment plan?

    The crazy amount is 15 grand and also the poor person I hit is the owner of a Mercedes.

  • I’ve got a 15 years old daughter. I have to determine if I’m able to have an accident insurance plan on her. She’s healthy otherwise. But I don’t know basically can purchase a completely independent arrange for her?

  • I’m thinking about beginning my very own home-based business being an event planner (no employees, just me). However, I’m unsure concerning the insurance facet of things.

    I’ll often be arranging occasions for any large company and they’ve explained that i’m needed to get Public & Items Insurance and private Accident cover before I’m able to start focusing on any one of their occasions. Will the private Accident insurance policy my hospital bills basically injure myself? Otherwise, what insurance does?

    Would you please advise which kind of insurance coverage is needed for any home-based event planner.

    If you will find any event organizers available would you please tell me what insurance you’ve??


  • 6 several weeks ago I had been in fault for a vehicle accident. I’m now being prosecuted for $200,000 essentially for discomfort and suffering, that is crazy to that particular extent since the injuries weren’t that severe. The two of us walked from the accident. My insurance hides to $100,000 therefore the leaves the relaxation in my experience. What typical happens in this case?

  • I’m attempting to volunteer however for every case the task attribute requires you to definitely have public liability and private accident insurance. I’m 17, how do youOrexactly where would you make an application for this? Thanks! đŸ™‚

  • Appreciate your help ahead of time. Experienced a vehicle accident. The insurance provider offer under the particular medical expense. After settlement unsuccessful, I suit another party and also the lawyer using their insurance provider is handling the situation on their behalf. My real question is: may be the original offer in the insurance provider still up for grabs since we will court?

  • We spend hrs filling forms detailing the moment particulars of accidents. However, insurance providers appear to routinely settle knock-for-knock generally. Will it cost an excessive amount of to get involved with legal wrangles, or will they simply not care enough to dispute blame?

  • I’ll be teaching British. The majority of the schools provide accident insurance. I needed to have the ability to receive western healthcare.

  • I’ve any sort of accident insurance plan, but I must know if it’s valid around the world or only within my city or country….?? I must travel overseas, that’s the main reason I wish to know.

  • been ordering my house insurance, in my apartment. Can there be whatever reason I have to let them know I’ve had a significant accident previously. I retrieved well but nonetheless aren’t effective due to the mind injuries i experienced. I additionally have accident insurance when i could be clumsy and be worried about leading to more damage which i would want it for but there’s pointless to inform them which i was sick before can there be. i don’t drive

    no the accident five years ago led to no claim on my small apartment insurance

  • An authorized insurance professional aiding employees sign up for health, existence and accident insurance.

  • Those who are on unemployment aren’t obtaining a handout they labored hard and compensated their rates. I’ve insurance on my small vehicle. Should i be within an accident my insurance pays until I customize the vehicle not only until I recieve a cab home.

  • Lately I acquired a thorn within my finger that got infected. I’ve private accident insurance would this be covered? I’ve only finished claims for any ankle sprain,Inch completed in your gardenInch

    I visited visit a nurse on Thursday who provided some anti-biotics

  • I am growing older, my vehicle may be worth less every year, I’ve built up nine years plus NCB and also have never triggered any sort of accident in fifteen years, yet every year my insurance rises, and individuals stuff that was once incorporated ( hire vehicle, accident insurance etc) you spend extra for.

    I’m fmailiar with comparison sites, why does my insurance increase despite me as being a safe driver along with a vehicle that depreciates every year?

    Eddy T I am 37 LOL!

  • Hi, my mother really wants to get me (17, turning 18 the following month), and my buddy (15) life insurance coverage. How do you use it? And just what may be the particular intend to get money just in case associated with a family problems. Once they say $1 for that first month, and subsequently several weeks are modified towards the age range, which it immediately becomes effective, does which means that just just in case anything happens (God forbid) can we get money immediately? I do not understand any one of this and would love to assist my mother select the right policy. The life insurance coverage she’s particially searching at is Globe Existence and Accident Insurance for $20,000. My mother does not mind having to pay forever each month if we are able to get profit duration of any emergency. But do you use it like this? And if you begin having to pay before 18 for that children’s plan, and you are designed to pay forever, will the cost stay or adjust together with your age while you get older?

  • equipment destroyed within an accident. Insurance compensated balance of lease then compensated us the main difference from the value. How can we reveal that within the books?

  • I’m presently leasing a vehicle from enterprise. I registered for that damage waiver and also the personal accident insurance. Basically enter into any sort of accident which is my fault, may be the other vehicle active in the accident covered? Help!

  • Let say with any vehicle accident, insurance send insurer to cost out fix at bodyshop.

    Let say when bodyshop is within middle of project, they found new problem which cause are more expensive, as well as found certain parts was offered at duration of esimated but no more available if this time for you to start the job.

    So that they alter the plan? Like mail a person instructions and say “sorry we change our mind and today it’s writing off here is look for worth of your automobileInch.

    One issue is how about bodyshop? They previously did midway the job before it cancel. Will bodyshop lose the cash?

  • I’m licenced through the child care licencing agency, have liability and accident insurance and CPR and first-aid licensed.

  • My pal were built with a seizure and requires me they are driving her back and forth from work for the following month. What goes on basically enter into any sort of accident together with her vehicle if she’s not inside it during the time of the accident? Whose insurance would cover any damage costs? Mine or hers? (Condition of CT)

  • Particularly my payroll service includes a client which has AFLAC accident insurance and Health & Insurance. They’re saying to achieve the AFLAC and insurance pre-taxed although not the? I have to make certain we subtract correctly.

  • I simply bought accident insurance from markel insurance co. but all i must show is really a cut-out id card in the packet but there’s no policy number. And i must write something lower in my physical in order to wrestle.

  • Let say with any vehicle accident, insurance send insurer to cost out fix at bodyshop.

    Let say when bodyshop is within middle of project, they found new problem which cause are more expensive, as well as found certain parts was offered at duration of esimated but no more available if this time for you to start the job.

    So that they alter the plan? Like mail a person instructions and say “sorry we change our mind and today it’s writing off here is look for worth of your automobileInch.

    One issue is how about bodyshop? They previously did midway the job before it cancel. Will bodyshop lose the cash?

  • Is Jolina Alarcon among the worker at Prudential Existence Plan. She known as me in regards to this promo which i was selected among the awardee who’ll get a fully compensated accident insurance with declaring code Veterans administration-1007. I wish to verify if the promotion holds true or otherwise

  • I acquired ina a accident insurance covered it also it was canceeled days after coverage was approved was cancelled cause payment wasnt designed for this month attempted to pau however they woildnt allow me to

  • My pal pleaded guilty for rash and negligent drving in India, according to police analysis. My pal has valid driving license, policy etc. Now there’s another-party claims for damages within the same accident which insurance provider lawyer is protecting with respect to my pal. They’ve taken the defense the accident was exclusively because of the responsibility of other vehicle’s unlisenced driver. Could it be Alright to take this type of defense in MACT claim even through he pleaded guilty in offense.

  • I wish to come with an accident insurance policy with wide coverage limit. What’s the limit of Apollo Munich’s IPA?

  • What’s the best student accident insurance policy for Kinder level in Pennsylvania?

  • My pal experienced a vehicle accident today and rather than swapping insurance they made the decision that they would purchase their vehicle broken. She did not call law enforcement or actually have a written agreement in regards to what they will do.I continue declaring that to her insurance provider but she refuses because she does not want her insurance to increase. Do you know the penalty of not confirming a vehicle accident to insurance? Would her insurance increase despite the fact that we reside in Florida a no-fault condition?

  • PIP is required in Michigan, so hospital bills are covered regardless of the accident. My insurance provider is attempting to inform me there’s a $300 deductible with this. Can there be even a choice for any deductible?

  • Our condition government authorities don’t compel individuals to possess a vehicle. But when someone selects to possess an automobile, the condition government authorities compel the dog owner to buy accident insurance from private companies. The mandate is justified because there’s a substantial chance the automobile will engage in any sort of accident which the dog owner will get in a financial loss. Since vehicle repair and hospitals really are a local commercial matter, each condition adjusts its very own commerce. The mandate forces all vehicle proprietors to lead to some risk pool. With no mandate, honest vehicle proprietors would purchase the deadbeats who declare personal bankruptcy. The only method from the mandate would be to stop possessing an automobile.

    Our authorities doesn’t compel individuals to live. But when someone selects to reside, the federal government must compel that individual to buy medical health insurance from private companies. The mandate is justified because there’s one hundredPercent chance the person will engage in any sort of accident or perhaps an incident (birth, disease, dying) which the individual will get in a financial loss. Since people can mix condition limitations to acquire better insurance costs, the us government must regulate the commerce. The mandate forces everybody to lead to some risk pool. With no mandate, honest people would purchase the deadbeats who declare personal bankruptcy. The only method from the mandate would be to stop living.

    Since no-one can be averted from an er, please explain what you will do concerning the deadbeats. If you do not do this, the way to go does not matter.

    Algae: Buy a set of reading through glasses, about $20 in a pharmacy. Existence is going to be a lot simpler.

    Just one person described how to handle deadbeats: turn Them away. Does which include children?

    A lot of words so very little relevance.

    miracle: the federal government isn’t creating commerce. Whenever you call the physician, you create commerce. You create commerce even when you remain healthy all of your existence. Somebody is having to pay for the birth, vaccines,

    and dying certificate. Join the people.

    breasts: Why then could it be suitable for the usa to compel you to definitely buy accident insurance. Is not this too much energy over your existence?

    Desire: I gather you aren’t a personal bankruptcy lawyer. How can you collect funds from the destitute person? Or other situation in which the individual is in poverty after losing employment? Answer hard cases, dammit! Why is it without precedent when the states compel accident insurance.

    Desire (2): Universal coverage isn’t the option to Obamacare. The choice is things as they are.

    I’d prefer universal Medicare insurance and State medicaid programs. We’re already having to pay for this. France has got the best system at half our per-capita cost, based on the WHO. However with half the voters getting below-average IQ, Obamacare is the greatest we will enter this generation.

    The key involved is compulsory obtain a personal company to make sure equity available on the market. There’s pointless you are able to title to not put it on interstate commerce.

    Voice: Getting a vehicle obliges accident insurance to make sure equity available on the market. Getting a existence obliges medical health insurance to make sure equity available on the market. In the two cases we must catch the disposable-loaders before they free-load. Within the situation of ton insurance, there’s no free-loading. Without having insurance, you lose.

    There’s no doubt of lack of exercise within the situation of health. If you’re born, you’ll generate a number of physician bills. As lengthy as you will find free-loaders, something should be completed to catch them before they free-load.

    The precedent was already set through the 50 states. Obamacare drops another shoe.

  • I acquired into any sort of accident without being insured and was told I desired sr22 to be able to get my license back. It has been almost three years since that time with no license and insurance of any sort. Shall We Be Held still needed to buy sr22?

  • I’ve analyzed medical health insurance from the Compact disc, although not confident that that covers the accident part. It will have materials on disablity, accidental dying and dismemberment. My primary real question is if accident belongs to the study guide? If a person can list some subjects, sample tests, etc about accident insurance, I’s appraciate it!

  • I had been just rear-ended with a driver who was without insurance. Basically report the accident towards the Department of motor vehicles she is going to be in danger, correct ? What type of an excellent will she need to pay ? Just wondering. May be the fine greater because she was at any sort of accident without being insured ?

  • I’ve got a 2002 Nissan Maxima and was lately inside a minor accident. The insurance provider considered it an overall total loss. They’re offering me under things i owe around the vehicle. What must i do?!?


    The one thing that actually irks me relating to this is the fact that I do not have towards the money to repay the relaxation from the loan. Not to mention get a new vehicle. I simply dont believe this really is fair. In the end the accident wasn’t any fault of mine.

    The one thing that actually irks me relating to this is the fact that I do not have towards the money to repay the relaxation from the loan. Not to mention get a new vehicle. I simply dont believe this really is fair. In the end the accident wasn’t any fault of mine.

  • I’m in Texas. I purchased a completely new (7 days old) Toyota & was Tboned in an intersection with a vehicle which was an Avis rental. Law enforcement required the motorists info & the Avis insurance info in the driver & when my insurance filed the claim with Avis they stated that guy wasn’t the guy who leased the vehicle. Wait, there’s more. They stated they refuted the claim & they cannot give my insurance provider the title from the guy who leased the vehicle. In my opinion legally the one who leased the vehicle should have given permission with this body else they are driving the vehicle and so i know legally whether it was possessed through the guy who gave permission his insurance would cover my damages. But I’m not sure the legal aspects of methods that will focus on accommodations. And incidentally since there is any sort of accident triggered with this rent vehicle then why can’t they provide this man’s insurance provider info??

  • Inside your experience and private dealings because the insured or victim within an accident. Which insurance provider stored their word/promise, and shipped the things they claim within their ads.

    I had been planning to choose Progressvie, however they got terrible reveiws using their clients and non clients. I felt harmful to individuals who aren’t insured by them. Progressive gave them the play and declined to anti up.

  • I am getting my license tomorrow and my parents literally scared me badly I do not even wish to drive. They continue to say basically enter into any sort of accident the insurance coverage is going to be an excessive amount of plus they will not have the ability to afford it.

    I’d rather not ruin the insurance coverage in my entire family. Anybody have tips?

  • Im a brand new Existence accident & medical health insurance Licensee in Rochester, NY, and i’m getting trouble finding training and work.

  • Which kind of insurance must i get when leasing a vehicle? I’m going to be likely to California to go to a buddy and I have to rent a vehicle but I haven’t got insurance. Im 18 years old and Im attempting to rent a vehicle for any week at U-Save. They’ve the next options SLI – Supplimental Insurance, CDW – Collision Damage Waiver and private accident insurance. Which is manditory?

  • Hi all,

    Due to the schedule problems,

    I’ll transfer the title using the vehicle owner on This summer fifth, but he is able to only produce the vehicle on

    This summer thirteenth. So after moving the title, the vehicle is going to be mine.

    But because lengthy because he does not cancel his insurance about this vehicle, it’s still legal for him to make use of

    the vehicle and when there’s accident happening, insurance could pay for it, right?


  • I’ll ensure that it stays brief. Another driver swerved into my lane and was to blame inside a total loss accident. My insurance provider knows, however i haven’t filed claims yet as I’d prefer to undergo the to blame party. Law enforcement report isn’t ready yet (ought to be soon, but not a way to understand), however i really should obtain a rental. Must I proceed and call the to blame insurance provider and begin claims through them or must i wait until I’ve the report before me?

  • I make 40,000 annually, as well as in new york city it’s barely enough to manage. I can not manage to buy medical health insurance at this time, however i read today when I do not buy medical health insurance Obamacare will add $400 onto my taxes in the finish of the season. I truly can not afford any one of this. I am 3 decades old and I am fit so I’m not going medical health insurance. I’ve accident insurance already covered from my school

    stuart, what a part of “i can not afford it” not understand. I’m able to barely afford food sometimes

  • I’ve my very own vehicle and insurance here is the policy I acquired (Massachusetts):

    Part 1 (Bodily injuries to other people): $20k/$40k

    Part 2 (Personal Injuries Protection): $8k per person

    Part 3 (Not-Insured Driver Protection): $20k/$40k

    Part 4 (Damage To Property): 100k per accident

    Part 5 (Optional Bodily Injuries to other people (Liability)): 250k/500k

    Part 6 (Health Care Insurance Obligations Coverage): NONE

    Part 7 (Collision): NONE

    Part 8 (Limited Collision): NONE

    Part 9 (Comprehensive): Cash value, $500 deductible

    Part 10(Substitute Transportation Coverage): NONE

    Part 11(Towing & Labor): NONE

    Part 12(Underinsured Driver Protection): $20k/$40k

    I didn’t have a collision coverage since i have drive a very old vehicle.

    I’ll be leasing a vehicle from Enterprise a few days ago. When I understand, they provide the below waivers/insurance:

    Damage Waiver

    Personal Accident Insurance

    Kerbside Assistance

    Supplemental Liability Protection

    I’m planning to accept “Damage Waiver’ from Enterprise, since I haven’t got collision by myself policy.

    I’ve got a medical health insurance, and i’m not concerned about my possessions within the vehicle. Also, my insurance provides road side assistance.

    My questions:

    1) Aside from the “Damage Waiver” what else must i receive from Enterprise and so i am completely covered.

    2) Should i be within an accident where I’m to blame, which insurance particularly covers another car’s damage/repair cost (I understand “Damage Waiver” covers the damages in my rental, however i am concerned about another person’s vehicle). Could it be my own insurance (and which part if that’s the case?) or even the “Damage Waiver” from Enterprise?

  • Not to blame accident, insurance compensated only one week and that i was charged for that second week. Insurance provider explained the repair shop is responsible due to period of time which basically had used their shop, I wouldn’t have experienced this issue. Is that this right?

    It was another party insurance, not mine that refused the extra obligations and explained to find the main difference in the repair shop.

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