India Insurance Market Outlook To 2015

Executive Summary

The Report entitled India Insurance Market Outlook to 2015 offers an in-depth research into the Indian insurance industry. The report covers specific experience available on the market size, insurance density, insurance transmission, segmentation, trends and developments and future outlook from the insurance industry in India. The report consists of information available on the market size and competitive landscape of existence, non-existence, health, motor, marine and fire insurance. Overall, the report provides a comprehensive research into the entire Indian insurance industry.

Throughout the time from financial year (FY) 2002-2010, existence premium increased at staggering CAGR of ~%. A rise in excess of ~% in growth was registered within the financial year 2007, once the premium elevated from USD ~ million in 2006 to USD ~ million in 2007 and 2008. The development rate slightly drizzled with financial year 2009 but rose again this year. In financial year 2010, the gross life insurance coverage premium was at USD ~ million. Non-existence premium has risen in India in a very past pace. The premium elevated from USD ~ million in FY2002 to USD ~ million in FY 2010 in a CAGR of ~%. A rise in total insurance seemed to be registered using the premium rising from USD ~ million in FY2002 to USD ~ million.

Later on, the transmission just in case of life insurance coverage is anticipated to improve in a CAGR ~ % which may be little as in comparison towards the rate of growth accomplished within the historic period. The transmission is anticipated to achieve ~ % by FY2016. The transmission just in case of non-life insurance coverage would increase from ~ % in FY2010 to ~ % in FY2016.

Total insurance transmission would may also increase continuously till FY2016 and it is likely to achieve ~% by 2016.

Within the financial year 2010, the existence insurance companies compensated nearly ~ lakhs claims on individual guidelines, producing a total payout of USD ~ million, a rise of ~% in the payout in FY2009. Roughly, ~ claims were repudiated (~ within the financial year 2009) for any amount of USD ~ million in FY2010.

Motor business has ongoing to dominate the non-life insurance coverage market using the share of the market of ~% in ’09-2010. The share of the market of medical health insurance has elevated from ~% in FY2006 to ~% in FY2010. The share of the market of fireside insurance has rejected too from ~% in 2005-2006 to ~% in ’09-2010. The fireplace insurance premium registered an adverse 4 year CAGR of ~% from FY2006 to 2010. The contribution from marine insurance sector has continued to be stagnant with time at ~% following a p-tariffing from the sector in 2007.

Overtime, private sector has elevated its share of the market within the total expenditure on non-life insurance coverage items. The contribution of non-public sector has elevated from ~% (USD ~ million) within the financial year 2006 to ~% in FY2010 (USD ~ million).

Public sector is proven to remain the biggest cause of the expenditure on non-life insurance coverage items however the share of the market from the sector has rejected drastically overtime. The share of the market has rejected overtime from ~ % in FY2006 to ~ % in FY2010. The contribution of expenditure was worth USD ~ million in 2006 that has elevated to USD ~ million in FY2010 however the development in the expenditure underperforms the development within the expenditure within the private sector.

Just in case of non-life insurance coverage, New India may be the market leader having a share of the market of ~ % and gross insurance premium of USD ~ million in FY2010. U . s . India Insurance coverage is the 2nd biggest player having a share of the market of ~ % and gross insurance premium of USD ~ million then Oriental and National having a share of the market of ~ % and ~ % correspondingly.

Micro insurance portfolio was worth USD ~ million for that financial year 2010 when it comes to gross insurance premium earnings. It’s roughly bending itself in the previous years premium earnings of USD ~ million. The contribution of LIC within the total premium was ~ % under micro-insurance and also the relaxation ~ % was led through the private life insurance coverage companies.

Scope of Research

The report entails thorough analysis while offering valuable experience around the insurance industry in India. The scope from the report includes:

The marketplace size existence and non-life insurance coverage industry when it comes to gross insurance premium designed in India, 2002 to 2016

Existence and Non-life insurance coverage density in USD for India, 2002 to 2016

Existence and Non-life insurance coverage transmission, premium like a number of GDP for that country, 2002 to 2016

Market segmentation based on Product in India, 2010 and 2016

Market size motor, health, fire and marine insurance based on gross insurance premium written, 2006-2016

Competitive Landscape from the major existence insurance companies and non-existence insurance companies in India based on gross premium written

Competitive Landscape from the major motor, health, fire and marine insurance companies in India based on gross premium written, 2009-2010

Company Financials of major Existence and Non-existence insurance companies together with their segment break on the foundation of gross direct premium earnings, 2009-2010

Valuable Experience and Future Outlook from the insurance industry in India.

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