How Much Will Your College Major Earn You?

Using statistics from the National Association of College and Employers (NACE) and the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is now possible to tell which college discipline has the potential of earning the most. Based on the figures from the reports, Petroleum Engineering is the best paying college major. Even a newly graduate engineer in the field can get a starting salary of $97.9K.  After a few years the mid-career average median pay for this field is around $155,000. Check out Open Colleges, who created this infographic.

Petroleum Engineering is such a high paying field that the college major with the next highest paying starting salary trails by more than $40,000 difference.  That field would be Computer Science where a newly graduate employee can land a starting salary of $56.6K and a mid-career average median pay of $97,900. Biomedical Engineering would come next with an average starting pay of $53.8K, followed by Software Engineering with $54.9K.

Industries with the Best Pay

These figures are confirmed by another set of statistics from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics which shows the top paying industries. These statistics show the industries that give out the best pay to new graduates. Mining, Quarrying& Oil & Gas Extraction which is the industry which needs the services of Petroleum Engineers, give out the best starting pay. This industry gives out an average starting salary of $84,182, with over 1,100 new entrants each year. Management of Companies and Enterprises is the next best industry because it offers an average starting salary of $56,955. The Construction is not too far behind with $56,837, as well as Manufacturing with an average starting salary of $55,084. The industry which pays the least on the list is Finance & Insurance which offers an average starting pay of $52,875.

Higher Pay across Industries

The good news for employees from the various industries is that there is a general increase on the average starting pay right now. According to the National Association of College and Employers (NACE), the average starting pay today is $45,000 which means that there is a 5.3% from 2012. The increase is different for each discipline. Some fields experienced a jump of 9.4% (Health Sciences), while there are those that hardly increased (Humanities and Social Sciences 1.9 %).

Here is a list of some of the industries and the amount of increase for the starting salary in each one:

  • Math and Sciences 3.1%
  • Communications 3.8%
  • Engineering 4.0%
  • Computer Science 4.3%
  • Education 5.1%
  • Business 7.1%

7 Responses to “How Much Will Your College Major Earn You? on “How Much Will Your College Major Earn You?”

  • Sometimes within an er like a health care tech. I’m presently a senior attending college specialising in sociology. I’m still under orientation with my 90-day mark approaching december 28 of 06. My rate of pay is 11.38 and that i work nights three days, 12 hr changes that provide us a 1.75 change differential, as well as an extra dollar for weekends that we work both days every weekend. I make about 1.50 a lot more than my other co-employees. However,I’m a single parent of three but still based upon the federal government to give my loved ones. I must be self suffient in my family and that i need just as much money when i could possibly get. How do i communicate me more money to my employer like a single parent, good worker? When must i expect an increase employed in this kind of enviornement,(in the end I’m aiding in preserving someone’s existence sometimes). After I graduate must i request for additional money. Like a Certified nursing assistant how can you have more education that increses your worth w/o becomin a nurse? Please address all queries.

  • I’m a little confused in regards to what a university major is. Can someone assist me here. What’s the distinction between specialising in something and generating a bachelor’s/masters in something??

  • im likely to western kentucky college this fall, and that i do not have a specific intrest within my college major, among the finest to have the ability to live nicely.. just curious in regards to what are great options for future years.

  • I’m a sophomore attending college presently specialising in finance. I’m strongly thinking about adding an financial aspects major too. I have gained all A’s both in the basic level and intermediate level courses both in areas of study, aquiring a cumulative GPA of three.6, and so i am perfectly able to grasping the fabric. I am just wondering if the advantages of this double major could be well worth the extra year in class.

  • To a category project. I have to choose a career, along with a college and majors, etc. Any ideas? I would like it to end up like a genuine existence Puppy nip/Tuck XD

  • I’m a thrid year university student specialising in Accounting. I want employment at this time and am searching to begin employed in my area. The chance for development in the taskOrorganization is much more vital that you me compared to money I’ll be generating. Can anybody who has been around my footwear assist me to?? I’m really lost if this involves this aspect.

  • I’m within my freshmen year of school, and i’m getting a difficult time selecting a significant. I’ve change my thoughts a lot of occasions (more occasions than I’m able to count) I understand which i want a diploma that doesn’t require lots of math because math has not been my favorite subject. I’ve frequently considered a job in criminal justice. Does anybody have information on things i can perform to select a university major a treadmill that doesn’t require lots of math?

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