Coresatellite Trading

Core/Satellite Trading

Core/satellite trading is really a portfolio construction strategy in which the goal would be to minimise costs and unpredictability and also to outshine the stock exchange in general. The core from the portfolio comprises a number of relatively safe passive opportunities for example index trackers: the satellite opportunities are positively handled opportunities i.e., funds which are handled by people, instead of systems. Essentially, the portfolio is split up into two segments: the function from the core segment would be to just mirror the index it tracks (with commensurately safe) as the satellite segment targets enhanced returns. Once the two segments are combined, the portfolio is, theoretically, situated to conquer its benchmark as well as in a danger-controlled manner.

Resource allocation

To have an investor to consider a core/satellite strategy, they have to to begin with choose portfolio resource allocation. If 1 / 2 of the main city within the portfolio were for instance committed to stocks and also the balance committed to fixed interest, a portion from the capital allotted to every of individuals resource classes might be committed to tracker funds: 2/3rds inside a shares tracker and 2/3rds inside a bond tracker. Both trackers would then constitute the core component of the portfolio. The following task is to find the investment portfolios satellite opportunities – positively handled opportunities which can handle producing bigger returns (with commensurately greater risks and costs) than individuals supplied by the investment portfolios core opportunities.

Along with the resource allocation strategy, traders should also consider three additional factors when determining which satellite opportunities to incorporate in their portfolio


Because passive opportunities are nearly always less costly to operate (the costs are lower) than positively handled opportunities, the fund management charges from the core segment from the portfolio on the fund-for-fund basis is going to be less than the satellite segment. Holdings in passive opportunities are purchased and offered whenever the index changes, which happens rarely. Whereas active fund management entails more frequent buying and selling which leads to greater execution costs.


By investing a considerable part of a investment portfolios capital to index trackers, individuals opportunities will obviously reflect the unpredictability from the index they track i.e., somewhere near to average. On the other hand the positively handled funds, which capitalise on possibilities because they arise, could be more volatile than their passive alternatives.


Active investment managers goal to outshine a goal benchmark usually a catalog of some kind. Some additional qualities connected with positively handled money is:

Management costs are usually greater than individuals billed by passive fund managers

The turnover of holdings is commonly more than the turnover of passive funds

People decide whether or not to purchase or sell opportunities – not processes, out of the box the situation by having an index fund

By allocating the minority of the investment portfolios opportunities to satellite/positively handled funds, the portfolio could be less pricey to handle overall, less volatile and develop the returns produced through the core opportunities.

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