Charge Card Statute of Restrictions in Pennsylvania

Charge Card collection legal cases are increasing across the nation. We especially notice the rise in claims within Pennsylvania based on the level of telephone calls and emails which i receive about this subject.

Among the greatest questions which i receive is “What’s the Statute of Restrictions for Charge Card Debt”? The fast and simple response is four (4) years. (Unless of course anything is under Seal, making the SOL two decades. Most Charge Card contracts aren’t under Seal).

Required that must definitely be clarified about this subject is “When will the Statute of Restrictions start to run”?

Generally, it begins around the date from the default, that is typically thirty days once you have made one last payment. However, the date of default isn’t necessarily identical to the start of Statute of Restrictions. Let us consider a fact scenario to describe this. Joe includes a charge card account with Superbank. Joe makes payment for quite some time, then misses 3 obligations. Which will constitute a default. The Statute of Restrictions starts to operate using the default. Then, Joe makes 3 more obligations and stops, developing a second default. The Statute will start to run in the second default, not the very first, therefore the Statute of Restrictions is going to be 4 years in the date from the second default.

Like a separate problem about this subject, we should discuss exactly what the Statute of Restrictions way to you. This law doesn’t prevent a charge card company or collection agency from suing you. I tell my clients that anybody can sue you for anything anytime. Exactly what the Statute of Restrictions does is provide you with a defense towards the suit, meaning you need to affirmatively raise this defense, on paper, towards the court. A legal court will consider the details including your situation, such as the date of default, after which see whether the claim against you continues to be timely implemented.

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