Charge Card Expense Management In Microsoft Dynamics Gp

Expense control is really a key function while controlling corporate costs. Expense Management Solutions are software programs that may process, pay, and audit worker started expenses. These costs generally include travel and entertainment expenses, but may may include procurement activities too. Growing amounts of purchases are corporate charge card expenses which furthermore have to be categorized for GL distribution and reconciled using the employees while using charge cards. Similarly, the price of the credit card expense review process itself must be contained. This short article talks about the best way to import and classify charge card expenses within Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Flatlands Dynamics) a mid-size to enterprise level ERP Solution from Microsoft.

Expense management includes two processes:

– submission of expense claims through the worker (for instance logging expensive hotels receipt or posting mobile phone records)

– processing of expense claims inside the accounting or ERP system.

Expense claims submission usually involves an worker finishing a paper or spreadsheet-based expense claim, that they then forward together with the appropriate tax bills (receipts) for their manager for approval. When the manager has approved the claim, it’s submitted towards the Accounting Department for processing. The accounting staff secrets each expense item in to the Economic Climate, assigns the particular cost category (GL Account) and files the claim.

Microsoft Dynamics GP comes with an Expense Management add-on, eExpense, that delivers online expense confirming and submission abilities. It’s a feature-wealthy creation that helps companies automate their Expense Confirming and submission, but regrettably Dynamics GP eExpense doesn’t give a good interface for controlling the categorization of corporate charge card expenses.

A lot of companies provide corporate charge cards. Controlling the categorizing and repairing of charge card claims at month-finish could be cumbersome and time intensive and could often extend the closing process.

Because of this Alba Spectrum has produced a brand new module for Dynamics GP that streamlines the charge card expense workflow. It enables the accounting department to directly import the charge card transactions from the lending company. After that it helps the accounting staff to directly allocate purchases to cost groups. Most significantly, it offers an intranet portal which allows the Worker to examine their charge cards claims and assign/confirm correct cost groups. This significantly cuts down on the administrative overhead required to obtain user input to finalize cost groups and distributions. A lately added feature enables customers to separate each card transaction into multiple cost groups.

Alba Spectrum”s Charge Card Expense Manager (CCEM) enables limitless cost groups. Each cost category is designated to some GL Account. Following the card transactions are classified CCEM allows the accounting staff to publish these to General Ledger, creating either Bank Transaction or Voucher Records for connection to existing vouchers.

CCEM handles integration using the giving lender via flexible file import mapping tool that enables the configuration of file formats and import rules. This allows charge card statement documents to become imported from the institution format.

Charge Card Expense Manager takes the discomfort from posting and processing corporate charge card transactions. It’s a “existence saving idea” for accounting staff and greatly cuts-lower the processing effort and time involved.

For those who have questions regarding Alba”s Charge Card Expense Manager, or need help in applying or designing Expense Management in Dynamics GP you can e mail us at Alba Spectrum Corporation (world wide – 1-866-528-0577 – ).

About Alba Spectrum: Alba Spectrum Corporation (world wide – 1-866-528-0577 – ) is really a Chicago, Illinois based Gold-Licensed Microsoft Dynamics Partner. Our company specializes in developing solutions and extensions for Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Flatlands Dynamics) within the regions of System Integration, Financial programs, E-Commerce and Warehouse Management (WMS). We provide proper talking to around the use and adaptation of Dynamics GP within number of industries. We serve Microsoft Dynamics Clients and Partners worldwide including U . s . States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Asia & Australia. Local services can be found in Chicago, Naperville, La, Irvine, North Park and Houston.

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