Can You Claim Life Insurance After a Vampire Bite?!

Believe it, or not, there’s plenty of oddities that can be insured and claims filed for if you have the right life insurance or insurance for a specific kind of oddity. People tend to just go for the usual occurrences—auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance, health insurance, and travel insurance.

If you’re a big believer in the unusual, or the paranormal though, there are options and people have insured many a crazy thing. I sincerely doubt that you’ll come up with something that hasn’t already been tried!

You may, or may not, be familiar with the infamous Lloyd’s of London. If not, and you’re concerned about getting bitten by vampires or werewolves, they’re definitely something to look into as they’re a specialty insurance market serving over 200 countries and territories. Find out more about your own life insurance needs at the new Suncorp website.

To give you a clear picture of the kind of “specialty market” Lloyd’s is, here are a few of the oddities they’ve specialized in insuring over the years:


Are you concerned about getting poked and prodded by some otherworldly creatures? You’re not even close to being the only one, as Lloyd’s has apparently sold well over 40,000 close encounter of the third kind policies.

Of course, when I heard this, my first question was—well, how does one prove such a thing happened to them in order to file a claim? Well, there’s actually quite a bit written into the fine print of this policy, including: a video documenting the abduction and/or third-party witness and a lie-detector test—you know, because anyone can edit together a video with crazy, alien, special effects.


So, apparently, you’re not the only one concerned about getting bitten by vampires. BBC News reports that the Royal Falcon Hotel in Lowestoft, England, insured both their staff and guests for possible vampire bites, werewolf attacks, and fatal poltergeist hauntings, to the tune of $1.5 million in coverage, or $768 per year. In fact, this policy actually covers the hotel, and all under their roof, for any kind of paranormal occurrence, thanks to Lloyd’s.


It might be something of an irrational fear for some, but in the business world, all of your bases need to be covered. This is exactly why 20th Century Fox reached out to Lloyd’s in order to have actress Betty Grable’s legs insured for $1 million EACH back in the 1940’s.

$1 Million Dollars EACH in the 1940’s?! Yowza!


Most of us would love to insure our taste buds, but for the vast majority of us, it just wouldn’t be very practical or terribly needed. However, for Egon Ronay, a world-famous food critic back in the 1950’s, his taste buds represented his entire lively hood. To the tune of $400,000, Ronay had his taste buds insured with Lloyd’s and considering that Britain still praises his book, Egon Ronay Guide to British Eateries, we can hardly blame him.


Now, who would want to insure their buckteeth? That seems odd, doesn’t it? It definitely didn’t seem odd to British comedian Ken Dodd back when he was tickling audiences from 1967 to 1992—quite the career for a comedian, actually. During which time, Dodd actually broke a Guinness World Record for telling 1,500 jokes within the span of three and a half hours!

Where does buckteeth come into play? Well, that was Dodd’s ace-in-the-hole; a huge amount of his ongoing popularity and comedic ability was due to his buckteeth, or so he believed. He was convinced enough, anyway, to insure his teeth for $7.4 million dollars after he sold his 100 millionth record.

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    The issue is, i’ve no clue how this travel cover stuff works,so just how much would travel cover require me to pay with this period?

    Any help appreciated, thanks.

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  • My father resides in Nz and it is visiting the united states and doesn’t appear to have the ability to penalized travel cover. He’s a internal defibulator and it has have been told by several travel cover company’s they will not provide him travel cover. Does anybody know who may create it for him?

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